Nintendo Wii SoftModding Service

Wii SoftMod

Wii softmodding is also closely related to the methods used to softmod PSP's. It is a method of running unsigned code on a Wii (without a hardware mod or physical 'CHIP'). Allowes users to run unsigned .dol/.elf files. Latest exploit developmented is known as Bannerbomb, which allows a user to run unsigned code on the console without relying on an exploit within a game. Bannerbomb works by using a malformed banner to inject a loader program into the Wii Menu program in memory. As the Wii Menu crashes, an unsigned executable is executed.

These types of exploits have enabled the development and use of third-party homebrew applications, such as the Homebrew Channel, third-party games, media players, and many others. It can also be used to launch game backups. The Wii homebrew community generally prefer the use of the 'SoftMod' as hardware modifications do not help the use of third-party software due to the console's security architecture, software modification is implied whenever homebrew software is in use. The term is therefore used to refer to software modifications that perform the same function as existing hardware modifications, that is, those that enable the use of copied games.

How To Determine If You Have a Moddable Wii:

Please Check Here First

Find your Wii's Serial Number underneath the Console

Wii Serial

Follow This Link and enter the Serial#

If Any of The Following:

You will not be able to Play Backup Game DVD Discs, but you can still play games via a External Harddrive (Which is actually more convenient anyway).

Most other wii's will be able to play Backup Games via Disc and Harddrive.

!NOTE! Wii owners have the firmware modification done at their own risk.