Xbox 360 Repair Service

RROD (3 Red Lights ) Repairs


If you're unlucky enough to have this fault and many do, 3 lights around the power switch light up red and the console will not load the main menu. This fault is caused by the Xbox overheating and vital components becoming loose, the system then shuts down and displays the 3 red lights. If your Xbox crashes a lot when playing games then the chances are it's about to 3 red light.

Repair - R350
Repair plus 12v Fan Mod (current Internal fans modded to spin faster) - R400
Repair plus External Fan Mod (additional Fan mount Externally) - R550

Disc Read Error or Laser / DVD-Rom Repair


When you place any disc into your Xbox 360 drive an error message will display on screen saying "Please put this disc into an Xbox 360 to play it". Another indication of the drive failing is the "open tray" message when a game is in the drive. This fault is mostly ware and tear on the drive and is largely unavoidable.

We can either recalibrate the laser for you, in most cases this is just a temporary fix and with time, as laser further deteriorates, the problem could return

Another option is to replace the DVD Rom entirely with a new drive.

Recalibration - R200
Laser Replacement - R250 (includes Installation)
Drive Replacement - R600 (includes Flashing / Spoofing / Fitting of Drive)

Repairs take a few days to be completed. Please note that not all consoles can be permanently fixed, depending on the degree of damage it has sustained prior to being brought in. That being said, we can normally fix 95% of machines brought in.

Use the Contact page to send us an email or give as a call if you are uncertain as to what the fault on your xbox 360 is. We will be able to tell you more about our repair service and options available to you.