Playstation 3 Jailbreak


BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER: In order for this to work, your PS3 needs to have a Frimware version of 3.41 or prior (Downgrading now possible).

What is the PS3 Jailbreak Exploit?

PS Jailbreak is world's first PS3 modchip, it comes in the form of a little USB dongle which means there is no opening up the console, quick and easy to install.

Allows for running 3rd party applications on your PS3 console, make backups of your original games onto your existing PS3 hard drive and also external USB ones and even USB flash drives. Mod chip is compatible with all PS3 consoles, old Phat models right through to the new PS3 slim consoles.

Allows you to play games straight from the internal or external hard drive and experience at least twice the speed of loading and no longer have to worry about scratched discs. Another bonus about the PS Jailbreak PS3 modchip is the fact that you can really extend your PS3's lasers life by using the hard drive.

Enables loading of homebrew applications on your PS3 aswell, ie media players, FTP Apps, Backup Loaders etc..


PS3 Console with Firmware version 3.41

From the Main Menu, Navigate left to Settings -- > System Settings then scroll down to System Info.Your Firmware version is shown here. In this picture the PS3 has the 3.41 firmware version and will be jailbreakable.

FW 3.41

I will either load the Homebrew Software for you or just follow This Link to the Tools page. All the software you need will be available.

Once Loaded there are many online sources that will teach you everything you need to know to take full advantage of the Jailbroken system. Ripping your own games to HDD or FTP'ing games from a home PC to the internal HDD of the PS3.

Jailbreak Dongle - R250
Downgrading Service - R350 (This Could easily be done by yourself following Online / YouTube tutorials)

!NOTE! Wii owners have the firmware modification done at their own risk.