Xbox 360 JTAG Service


BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER: In order for this to work, your 360 needs to have a dashboard prior to 8XXX. If you have 7XXX or below it will work. If you have been banned in the last few months it wont work as you have updated to 8955. If you have an 8XXX dashboard THIS WILL NOT WORK!!!

What is the JTAG Hack?
This is a new hack which can boot homebrew code in less than 5 seconds. Similiar to a Hacked PSP Running Custom Firmware

Some features:

For now, all we need to know is that this is a new way to exploit the well-known 4532 kernel, in a way which also works on updated machines, unless they have been updated by the summer '09 update.
It also works on all hardware types.

How do I know what kernel version I have?
In the dashboard, go to System Settings -- > Console Settings then scroll down to System Info. Your kernel version is shown here. In this picture the 360 has the 8955 kernel applied. This console is not vulnerable. Kernel has to be below 8XXX ie 7371 or lower

kernel 8XXX

I can jtag the XBOX 360 to install a modified 16202 kernal and allows it to run unsigned code. 2.0.16202 also supports the new KINECT Controller.

Unsigned code is anything that isn't made by Micro$oft such as Emulators, Programs, XEX loaders, playing games from hdd without the disc, alternate dashboards and using ANY size hard drive with your 360 ( tested 2TB+ plug and play, NO HACKING NEEDED ). All unsigned code can be launched from cd, hard drive or usb flash drive/hard drive. Jtaged 360s are capable of accepting modified XBLA games and running as full version. If you have any questions or want to get your 360 jtaged, Please visit our contact page

JTAG - R700 (Includes as many XBLA releases and emulators as your HDD can hold)

The JTAG-ing process could take up to a few hours due to large amount of data being dumped. Consoles will be kept overnight.

Use the Contact page to send us an email or give as a call if you are uncertain as to what is involved with the JTAG process. We will be able to tell you more detail and what options available to you.